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WhatsApp update! You won’t lose access to account functionality if you do not accept new privacy policy

New Delhi, India If you’re still wondering what will happen if you don’t accept the messaging app’s updated privacy policy, we may have some good news for you. WhatsApp has changed its mind and stated that users who have not accepted their policy will not lose any account functionality.

A WhatsApp spokesperson reportedly stated in an official statement that, in light of recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, the company wishes to make it clear that it will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update. The Verge quoted a spokesperson as saying, “This is the plan going forward indefinitely.”

WhatsApp had previously set a May 15 deadline for accepting the new user policy. The deadline was pushed back due to public outrage over user privacy concerns. The Indian government has also stated unequivocally that WhatsApp is unlikely to implement these policies. A senior Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology official previously stated that the government is considering the best course of action in light of the new WhatsApp privacy policy.

WhatsApp had previously warned users that they might lose access to some of the messaging platform’s features. Because of the limited functionality, users will initially lose access to the chat list. After a few weeks, WhatsApp was likely to stop sending messages, imposing even more restrictions.

However, because WhatsApp has now withdrawn the changes to the accounts of those users who have yet to accept the policy, the company has decided to continue informing users about the policy.

WhatsApp stated in an official statement, “We will continue to remind users from time to time and let them accept the update, including when they choose to use relevant optional features such as communicating with a business that is receiving support from Facebook.”

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