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Health benefits of Cardamom: From fighting ulcers to lowering blood pressure

Cardamom, also known as the Queen of Spices, is used to enhance the flavours of both sweet and savoury foods. This spice of Indian origin is essentially a small aromatic seed pod that has long been used in Asian food preparations.

The following are some of the many health benefits of cardamom.

1. Helps in managing blood pressure levels

Cardamoms are high in antioxidants, which aid in blood pressure control. Cardamom also has a diuretic effect, which means it can promote urination in order to remove water that has accumulated in your body, thereby aiding in the reduction of blood pressure levels.

2. Cardamom has anti-inflammatory effects

Cardamom’s high antioxidant levels can help protect cells from damage and prevent inflammation.

3. Cardamom is good for Ulcers

Cardamom can protect against Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria linked to the development of most stomach ulcers, according to test-tube research.

4. Can improve breathing

The aroma of cardamom can help your body inhale oxygen more effectively during exercise. In one study, one group of participants was instructed to inhale cardamom essential oil for one minute before walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes at a time, while the other group was not. When compared to the other group, the group that inhaled cardamom essential oil had significantly higher oxygen uptake.

5. It is a good mouth freshener

Chewing cardamom helps you get rid of bad breath and provides a cooling sensation in your mouth. Many people use it as a natural mouth freshener.

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