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French Open 2021: THIS post by Rafa Nadal on social media sends fans in a tizzy

Rafael Nadal, the defending French Open champion, posted a message on social media on Monday (June 7), a day after his greatest rival Roger Federer announced his withdrawal from the Grand Slam. However, Nadal’s message was much more upbeat.

Nadal posted a ‘Got Married’ update on Facebook on Monday (June 7) that left fans both delighted and perplexed. While some congratulated Rafa on his marriage, others questioned whether he had already been married in 2019.

In October 2019, Nadal married his long-term partner Xisca Perello. A late Facebook update perplexed the 20-time Grand Slam champion’s fans, who responded to Nadal’s post with comments and jokes.

“Congratulations!” Rafa and his wife!!!! I assumed you two were already married! “I guess not…….happy for you from Mount Shasta, California!!!” said one fan.

“I can’t tell you how many people’s hearts were broken by this bombshell. “Didn’t this happen in 2019?” another person commented

Other people were perplexed by the update. “Congratulations, but I’m perplexed. “According to his wiki page, he married in October 2019,” wrote one.

“Congratulations, but I didn’t think he’d get married in the middle of the French Open,” wrote another.

Nadal stormed into the fourth round of the French Open 2021, where he is vying for a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title. The Spaniard has the same number of Grand Slam titles as Federer, with 13 of them coming from the French Open.

Others were still in denial, claiming Nadal had been married since 2019. “He didn’t, he didn’t. “It seemed like an aeon ago,” one remarked.

Another person commented, “This can’t be right because I remember seeing photos of their 2019 wedding!”

According to an update on Nadal’s Facebook page’s ‘About’ section, he has been married since October 2019.

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