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I vomited a whole lot of blood: Pahlaj Nihalani on his 28-days hospitalisation after food poisoning, set to sue eatery

Pahlaj Nihalani, former Chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), recently told an entertainment portal about his ordeal of being hospitalised due to acute food poisoning.

The film producer revealed that he had been hospitalised for 28 days after vomiting blood following a restaurant meal.

He stated to Bollywood Hungama, “I was at home alone about a month ago. My wife was also absent. When, unexpectedly, some members of the unit for a film we were working on during the pandemic showed up one evening. It was getting late. And I had to go outside and order them. My meals were prepared at home. I almost never eat outside. However, there was insufficient for everyone. So we ordered some food. Because chicken is the only non-vegetarian food I eat, they persuaded me to join them. I agreed out of politeness. I knew something was wrong the moment I bit into the chicken. But the others reassured me that everything was fine. We ate as a result. They walked away. After a while, I became agitated and vomited. After that, I felt fine. So I just lay down and tried to sleep. I vomited a lot of blood around 3 a.m. That’s when I panicked and dialled my son’s number. Fortunately, he lives in the same building.”

He also revealed that he was in the hospital for 28 days but couldn’t see his family because no one was allowed to visit him due to the pandemic.

Pahlaj compared the experience to being rescued from the ‘jaws of death.’ He stated, “My tests were completed in a matter of hours. I was fortunate. Anyone would have died if they had a less caring family and a less attentive medical team. I’ve been dragged from the jaws of death.”

Given the gravity of his condition, Nihalani has decided to sue the restaurant for negligence. “It could have been the last meal I ever ate. That night, everyone who ate was sick. But I was the hardest hit. In these difficult times, I urge everyone to eat only home-cooked meals “He continued.

Pahlaj Nihalani served as President of the Association of Pictures and TV Program Producers for 29 years before stepping down in 2009. He took over as chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on January 19, 2015, but was replaced by Prasoon Joshi in 2017.

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