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Amitabh Bachchan donates ventilators to a Mumbai hospital.

To assist with the second COVID wave, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan recently donated two state-of-the-art Intensive Ventilators of the ‘Class-1’ type to the Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

According to the hospital, which is located in Mumbai’s Siva neighbourhood, approximately 30 needy patients have been successfully treated with these two cutting-edge ventilators in the last few days. Both ventilators are now operational in the hospital’s surgical department.

Bachchan also donated medical supplies worth Rs. 1.75 crore, which included monitors, CRM image intensifiers, and infusion pumps, among other things. The hospital’s doctors and medical staff thanked the 78-year-old actor for his generous donation.

Earlier in May, the actor explained why he does not use a fundraiser to raise COVID-19 relief funds for India, stating that “it makes him feel embarrassed” and that he “believes in doing charity rather than talking about it.”

In his blog post, he shared a series of photos of his donations, which included ventilators, oxygen concentrators, beds, and other items for the COVID-19 relief effort in India. He also provided updates on his most recent donations at the Shri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi.

Bachchan also explained why he hasn’t made any efforts to raise funds through campaigns or donations. “I just feel like asking someone for money is embarrassing for me.. yes, there have been events in the past where the voice has been for contributing, but I feel awkward asking, contributing.. I may have participated in the event as a voice over, but I was never directly asked to give or contribute… and if such unseen or unknown incidents occurred, I seek forgiveness…”

Explaining that he has not posted about his donations in order to gain praise, but rather to ensure that all of the delivery and visuals of where the funds “have been used and to what avail.. that they are not just blank promises..”

Amitabh is working on a number of projects at the moment. Among them are ‘Chehre’ and ‘Brahmastra.’ In Mumbai, he is currently filming ‘Goodbye.’

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