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Dr. Randeep Guleria’s strategy for combating any COVID-19 variant in the midst of Delta Plus concerns

New Delhi, India Dr Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, stated on Wednesday that the spread of the new Delta plus variant in India could be controlled with proper COVID-19 protocol, lockdown, and vaccinations.

“It is difficult to argue that the Delta plus variant is causing any issues in India. But we must not relax our guard; we must keep a close eye on any surges that occur. To avoid the third wave, we must be vigilant and adhere to COVID protocols. We need to test and track more aggressively, as well as get more people vaccinated “The Director of AIIMS stated.

Dr. Guleria also stated that it made no difference which COVID-19 variant arrived as long as proper protocols were followed. “Lockdown, vaccination, and protocols are the most effective ways to combat any variant.” “He stated.

When discussing the possibility of a third wave, Dr. Guleria warned that vigilance was required to avoid a third wave. “The third wave is entirely dependent on us. If we want to avoid it, three things must be done: we must aggressively follow COVID-appropriate behaviour, we must have very good surveillance, and we must aggressively push for vaccination. If we do these three things, we will be able to avoid either not having a third wave, delaying it, or having a very small peak “He stated.

“If cases have been dropped, let us not repeat the mistake we made after the first wave. We assumed that the virus had been eradicated and that we could now do whatever we pleased. We must recognise that the virus is still present and mutating. It’s becoming a bigger source of concern “He continued.

To combat the disaster, COVID-induced lockdowns, strict restrictions, and other protocols were implemented in most parts of the country.

“We can’t let any variant spread. In any area where cases are increasing and hospital admissions are increasing, the area must be closed down to prevent the virus from spreading. A great deal of testing, tracking, treating, and isolating positive cases is required “Dr. Guleria stated.

The AIIMS Director also discussed the possibility of a third wave affecting children.

“Authorities must make a decision on whether or not to open schools. Personally, I believe that we should open schools and devise a strategy for doing so; the openings should be graded “The Director of AIIMS stated.

Dr Guleria, Director of AIIMS Delhi, stated that Bharat Biotech and other companies are conducting trials at a rapid pace and that it is hoped that data will lead to approvals so that a vaccine for children is available in the country by September-October.

The AIIMS Director also discussed the characteristics of various COVID-19 variants. “Viruses mutate on a regular basis. Most mutations are referred to as ‘variants of interest,’ and they only become ‘variants of concern’ when they become more infectious or virulent “Dr. Guleria stated.

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