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Indian girl gets over 22 lakhs award for hacking Microsoft, find out why

Aditi Singh, a 20-year-old self-taught cybersecurity analyst and ethical hacker, has received a $30,000 (approximately Rs 22 lakh) bounty from Microsoft for discovering a bug in their system.

The ethical hacker was rewarded by the tech giant for detecting a bug in the Azure cloud system. According to a news report, Aditi discovered a similar bug in Facebook two months ago and won a $7500 bounty (over Rs 5.5 lakh).

She stated that both companies were affected by a remote code execution (RCE) bug, which is relatively new and is currently receiving little attention. Hackers can gain access to internal systems and the data they contain by exploiting such bugs.

Notably, Aditi discovered the RCE bug in Microsoft Azure about 2 months ago. She even notified the company about the bug, but received no response because the company was too busy checking to see if anyone had downloaded the insecure version of the system.

She explained the RCE bug by stating that developers should have first downloaded a ‘Node Package Manager’ before writing the code directly. Aditi was quoted as saying, “Developers should write code only after they have the NPM.”

Furthermore, the talented girl discussed her ethical hacking journey, revealing how she recognised her talent after successfully hacking into her neighbor’s Wi-Fi password.
When she was studying for her medical entrance exam, NEET, she became interested in ethical hacking. Unfortunately, she did not pass the exam, but she was able to find bugs in over 40 companies, including Facebook, TikTok, Microsoft, Mozilla, Paytm, and HP. Aditi went on to say that she gained confidence in ethical hacking after discovering an OTP bypass bug in TikTok’s Forgot Password system.

She has also received letters of thanks from Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, and the University of California, as well as being recognised in the Google Hall of Fame.

(With inputs from news agencies)

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