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Delhi reels under blistering heatwave, monsoon revival unlikely in parts of north India till mid-July: IMD

New Delhi: Heatwave conditions prevailed in the national capital for the third day in a row, with the highest maximum temperature in July since 2021 reaching 43.1 degrees Celsius on Thursday in the national capital (July 1, 2021). Temperatures reached a maximum of 43.1 degrees Celsius at the Safdarjung Observatory, which serves as the official representative data source for the city. The minimum temperature was recorded at 31.7 degrees Celsius. Temperatures reached 45.2 degrees Celsius at the Mungeshpur monitoring station in Delhi on Thursday, which is eight degrees Celsius above normal and is the highest temperature recorded in the city on Thursday.

Adding to the anxiety of Delhiites, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) announced on Thursday that there is no chance of the monsoon reaching the Capital and surrounding areas before July 7, and that even after that, the region will experience below-average rainfall until the middle of this month.

Since the beginning of July, “heatwave conditions are very likely over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi, as well as some parts of Uttar Pradesh, north Rajasthan, and northwest Madhya Pradesh,” the Meteorological Office has predicted.

“The monsoon has blanketed most of the country, with the exception of parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab, which have seen little rain. Since the 19th of June, no significant progress has been observed. Winds from the mid-latitudes, an unfavourable Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), and the absence of a low-pressure system over the North Bay of Bengal are just some of the factors to consider “According to the IMD.

“There is no chance that the monsoon will cover Delhi-NCR and other parts of northwest India before July 7, according to forecasts. Until the middle of July, the region is expected to receive below-average rainfall. Following that, the amount of precipitation will increase. Overall, rainfall has been below normal to normal this month “Mrutunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the Institute of Management Development, stated.

On Tuesday, the city of Delhi experienced its first heatwave of the season, with temperatures reaching 43 degrees Celsius. According to the IMD, a heatwave swept through the national capital on Wednesday as well, with temperatures reaching 43.6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature recorded so far this year.

According to the National Weather Service, another heatwave is expected to hit the region on Friday.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the northwest Indian region has received 14 percent more rainfall than normal — 85.7 mm of rainfall compared to the normal of 75.3 mm – since June 1, when the monsoon season officially began.

During this period, Delhi has received only 29.6 mm of rainfall, compared to a normal of 64.1 mm — a 54 percent shortfall compared to the norm.

Also noted by IMD is that this delay in onset of the monsoons is likely to have an impact on agricultural operations such as crop sowing and transplantation, and watering and irrigation scheduling, particularly in Punjab and Haryana, which are considered to be India’s “food bowl.”

Previous forecasts from the Meteorological Office had indicated that the wind system would arrive in Delhi by June 15, which would have been 12 days ahead of schedule. Normaly speaking, the monsoon arrives in Delhi on June 27 and reaches every corner of the country by July 8. Last year, the wind system arrived in Delhi on June 25 and had completely covered the entire country by June 29, according to weather forecasters.

(With PTI inputs)

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