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Learn about the importance of the block pramukh election in Uttar Pradesh in 2021, as well as the date of the polls and other details.

New Delhi: Several districts in Uttar Pradesh have reported acts of violence as nomination papers for the block pramukh elections in 2021 are being filed. On Thursday, there was widespread coverage of alleged incidents in which opposition candidates were prevented from filing their nomination papers (July 8).

According to the official count, there are 826 blocks in Uttar Pradesh, and elections for block pramukhs (block chairpersons) will be held in 825 of them on July 10. The members of the block development council (BDC) cast their votes in this election, rather than the general public. It is the final round of rural polls before the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, and candidates must be nominated by July 8 in order to be considered.

The Kshetra Panchayat, which is in charge of a particular block, does not have any special rights. In fact, it is widely regarded as the first step in the political process. Furthermore, after being elected, the block chief is eligible to run for election to the State Assembly. A matter of prestige and decency is at stake in this election.

It is customary in several blocks for the chief to be elected by the same family generation after generation. The ‘pramukh’ is not compensated in any way and receives no special honorarium.

When the Kshetra Panchayat meets, every BDC member receives an honorarium of Rs 500, which is divided among them. The block head receives an honorarium of Rs. 500 in addition to his membership in the BDC, but only if he attends the meeting.

It is funded by a budget allocated by the Thirteenth Finance Commission of the Central Government and the State Finance Fund of the State Government. It is not a large budget, even when the budgets of both schemes are combined; approximately Rs 50-60 lakhs are allocated in the budget for the blocks every year, which is a modest sum.

Block heads use this money to carry out development projects in their respective areas.

During the election process, more than 75,500 ward members will elect a block chairman from among themselves. It is anticipated that nominations will be submitted on July 8th, and that applications will be reviewed on the same day. Candidates have until 3 p.m. on July 9 to withdraw their applications from consideration. The polls will be open and the votes will be counted on July 10th.

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