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Facebook groups can now designate Group Experts

In today’s update, Facebook is introducing a new feature called “Group Experts,” which will allow group administrators to designate which members are extremely knowledgeable about the group’s topic.

Furthermore, Group Experts will have a badge next to their name, which will be emblazoned with the evidence of their elevated status. This badge will show up on posts, comments, and in the Q&A feature.

Group Experts will be chosen by group administrators, and experts will only be granted this extraordinary power if and when they accept the nomination made by the group administrator. Administrators have the ability to revoke the expert status as well.

Facebook is experimenting with ways to make it easier for administrators to find these experts, including prompting specific users, currently in the gaming and fitness spaces, to add which games or activities they are knowledgeable about. Facebook is currently testing this method in the gaming and fitness spaces. Group administrators can search through these topics to find new Group Experts for their groups. The use of this strategy can also serve as a growth catalyst for groups, as new experts will be able to invite followers who have recently interacted with their main page to join the group as well.

Admins will have sole authority to remove an untrustworthy expert or a group engaged in willful dissemination of false information if a group nominates such an expert or if the group engages in willful dissemination of false information. For example, anti-vax organisations would almost certainly not nominate conventional doctors or public health officials to serve as experts in their field. As a result, while the “expert” tag signifies the confidence of administrators, it does not objectively qualify someone as a true expert.

When asked about additional moderation tools to ensure Group Experts provide accurate information, a Facebook spokesperson listed the established ways the company deals with misinformation on the platform, like third-party fact checkers and reducing distribution for content flagged as misleading. They added that members can always report content to group admins.


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