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Nintendo: “no plans” to launch any other model than Switch OLED

Following a recent Bloomberg report on the upcoming Switch OLED, Nintendo has taken the unusual step of responding to the report.

In a report published last week, Bloomberg, which broke the news of the upcoming Switch redesign earlier this year, stated that the OLED model was being priced higher in order to give Nintendo a higher profit margin when compared to the original Switch. Nintendo issued a rare tweet, in which it stated that “the claim is incorrect,” but did not mention Bloomberg.

Nintendo went on to say that, aside from the Switch OLED, it had “no plans to launch any other model at this time,” effectively putting an end to speculation that a second new model was in the works.

Bloomberg accurately described the improved screen size and type of Switch OLED, as well as the launch window for the device back in March. In that report, it was also stated that it would support 4K output.

The new model would be revealed ahead of E3, according to a follow-up report published in late May, which Eurogamer believed to be accurate at the time, before going into production in July, according to Bloomberg.

A number of commentators have speculated that the Switch OLED’s final lack of a 4K output, combined with the fact that the console’s original pre-E3 announcement window had been reported, led to Nintendo rearranging its announcement plans.

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Whether or not it was accurate at the time of publication, Bloomberg’s claim that the new Switch would have a 4K output raised fan expectations for the new model, which was then dubbed Switch Pro, at the time.

Others have speculated that the Switch OLED’s lack of 4K capability indicates that the feature is being saved for a more robust redesign that will be released later.

While Nintendo’s comments on the Switch OLED and the recent reporting surrounding the console are unusual, it is perhaps not surprising to see the company eager to clarify for its shareholders any report that could have an impact on the company’s stock price or bottom line in the future.

With the announcement of no new Switch models on the horizon, Nintendo is reaffirming its support for the Switch OLED. Nintendo is effectively telling its fans not to hold out for a new model to come out.

When it comes to the future of Switch, it’s important to keep two things in mind. First and foremost, Nintendo does not comment on its future hardware plans until it is ready to do so – and this is especially true if it has another model that has yet to go on sale before it does so.

Second, over the course of its long existence, Nintendo updated the 3DS with the XL, 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS XL, then the New 2DS XL, before finally discontinuing the 3DS altogether. It would be strange if the Nintendo Switch did not receive a second generation at some point.


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