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Steam Deck UI will replace Big Picture mode on Steam

Valve has confirmed that the UI from Steam Deck will replace Big Picture mode on Steam.

This was discovered after Valve employee austinp_valve responded to a question in the Steam Big Picture forum about the future of the interface.

A console-like interface for users who connect their PCs to large monitors and television sets and use a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse was introduced in 2012 as part of the Windows 8 update. It served as the foundation for SteamOS, which was used to power the infamous Steam Machines.

Since then, it has received only a few minor updates, and users have expressed concern that it appears to be very out of date. The announcement of the Steam Deck coincided with the development of a new version of SteamOS, which will provide a much-needed UI refresh to many of Steam’s ageing components, including the Steam Deck.


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