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EA scrambles to take down leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay


EA is scrambling to remove leaked gameplay footage from the internet as the Battlefield 2042 technical preview continues.

Battlefield fans were invited to sign up last week to test a technical preview of the game, which they were not allowed to discuss after receiving it.

Regardless of EA’s perhaps unrealistic expectations, word of the preview inevitably leaked, foreshadowing what was to come.

With the release of the preview, raw gameplay recordings have appeared all over the internet.

Overnight, EA issued takedown notices to videos primarily hosted on Streamable, though clips can be found in the usual subreddits if you look hard enough.

If you were lucky enough to get access to the preview, sharing gameplay is probably not a good idea because the game is watermarked with a unique code and your username, which EA will undoubtedly ban you for.

In lieu of a campaign, Battlefield released a short film yesterday to set the scene for the multiplayer experience.

If you missed out on the technical preview, don’t worry: an open beta will be available in the months leading up to release.


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