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Not Tonight 2 is a road trip through an alternative, broken America


Not Tonight 2, the sequel to 2018’s unapologetically political post-Brexit document-checking game, has been announced by publisher No More Robots.

Not Tonight 2 by PanicBarn travels across the pond to a “alternative” America where capitalism and political greed have taken centre stage. It’s being billed as “basically America: The Video Game,” with three branching stories written by a group of POC authors and artists.

The trailer is below:

You plan a journey across the United States, “making terrifying decisions along the way.” No More Robots teased rhythm games, serving burgers, assessing religion, word association, checking chickens, working the Texan wall, and more.

Here’s the official blurb:

“O Say, Can You See, a slew of politically charged minigames?” Check that your guests are religious, then join a cult, play rhythm games, make sure the Colonel’s chickens have enough steroids pumped into them, serve free poutine to your fellow Canadians, work a day or two on the Texan wall…

“Not Tonight 2” follows Malik, Kevin, and Mari as they race across America to save their friend Eduardo from being deported (or worse) by the fascist Martyrs regime.

Not Tonight 2 launches later this year.


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