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I don’t want to see Krushna Abhishek’s face ever again: Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja on former skipping Kapil Sharma Show episode


New Delhi: Things aren’t going well between Govinda and Krushna Abhishek’s Bollywood mama-bhanja jodi. Until now, things were kept quiet and discussed only in closed corridors, but it appears that everything is now out in the open. Govinda has avoided public discussion of the alleged family feud.

The iconic actor and his wife Sunita Ahuja were recently guests on The Kapil Sharma Show, where Krushna Abhishek is a lead cast member. He did, however, skip the episode featuring his own mother, adding fuel to the fire.

Krushna told the Bombay Times, “I believe both parties do not want to share a stage.” Govinda’s wife, his maami, has spoken out for the first time in response to his statement.

“I am distressed beyond words to know what Krushna Abhishek said about refusing to be a part of the episode that featured my family and me as guests,” she said in an interview with ETimes. He stated that neither party wanted to share the stage. Govinda issued a statement last November clarifying his position and vowing never to discuss family issues in public again. He has kept his promise like a true gentleman. I reiterate that we want to keep a respectful distance, but it has gotten to the point where I feel compelled to address the issue.”

“Whenever we appear on the show, he says something in the media about us just for publicity.” What is your faayda, yeh sab bol kar? It makes no sense to talk about a family issue in public. Govinda may not respond or retaliate, but it irritates and enrages me. Uske bagair bhi hamara show hit hota hai, aur yeh wala bhi hoga. “He keeps repeating, ‘Mera mama yeh, mera mama woh.’ Is he not talented enough to give a hit show without using his mother’s name?” she joked.

Sunita was also irritated by Kashmera’s previous tweet about ‘people dancing for money.’ Govinda’s wife has stated that the two will never be reconciled, saying, “Three years ago, I said that things could not be resolved while I am alive.” In the name of family, you cannot misbehave, insult, or take liberties. Toh sar par chadh jaayenge aur badtameezi karenge, humne paal pos kar badha kiya hai. We raised them and do not rely on them. What if, after my mother-in-law died, we had asked Krushna to leave the house? Jinhone inko paal pos kiya kiya yeh unhi ke saath badtameezi par utar gaye hain. All I can say is that the problems will never be resolved, and I will never see his face again in my life.”

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