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Bigg Boss OTT day 32 written updates: Pratik Sehajpal gets ‘ticket to finale’ task cancelled


New Delhi: As Bigg Boss OTT approaches its conclusion, contestants were all pumped for the second day of the ‘ticket to finale’ task in the latest episode. They were all disappointed, however, when Bigg Boss announced that the task had been cancelled, courtesy of Pratik Sehajpal.

All of the show’s contestants were given the opportunity to secure their position by saving their water-filled jar. Pratik drops Raqesh’s jar just after the buzzer sound to win. He didn’t even wait for Raqesh to take it from him. As a result, Moose Jattana, the sanchalak for this round, decided to disqualify him. Bigg Boss quickly reiterates that her decision will be final.

Pratik, on the other hand, refuses to accept Moose’s decision, claiming that he did not violate any rules. As a result, he revolts and refuses to enter the house as a form of protest. Because Pratik continues to protest and refuses to accept being disqualified, Bigg Boss declared that the task had been disqualified. Pratik is even compared to a child who refuses to let anyone win if he loses.

Divya Agarwal then slammed Pratik, claiming that it was because of him that others were denied a chance to compete in the finale. This sparks a massive brawl between the two contestants. Later, Neha confronts Pratik and shows him how wrong he was. Pratik then apologises to the housemates.

Meanwhile, Shamita and Raqesh are having a heated debate. Raqesh responds that their worlds are very different when she asks if he wants to work on their relationship. Shamita claims she is not dying to be with him and does not want to be with a confused man.

Later, she is seen telling Neha and Pratik that Raqesh is not the right man for her. She even requests that they prevent her from approaching Raqesh.

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