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Your pictures on the theme of ‘breaking free’


We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme “breaking free”. Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Yvonne Botha: “This photo was taken at a wetlands near Cape Town, South Africa. Its always a surprise when you catch the duck just breaking free of the water to take to the sky.”
Martin Arias: “Breaking free of gravity. A picture of my daughter taken at sunset on the beach in Costa Rica.”
Sheila Carswell: “Here is the peak of Cir Mhor breaking free from the clouds! The picture was taken from the neighbouring Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.”
Rory Tollens: “I took this photo on Morin Beach in Goa, India, at sunset after I helped untangle a sea snake from a fisherman’s net. Sea snakes often get caught in nets as the men fish from rowing boats and their home-made nets often catch everything and anything. “
Noelle Sinclair took this photo while sailing on Lake Balaton, Hungary.
Jenny Downing: “Happy feet.”
Kathryn Schultz: “Two weeks ago, I saw an imperial moth clinging to the underside of one of our porch chairs in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. She left behind these eggs. Some of the caterpillars have already broken free, some are working on it, and others await their time.”
Richard Bown: “This is a photo of the Harrogate Ladies’ rugby team in action. Their skill, strength and speed resulted in promotion three seasons running.”
Anton Glaeser: “A woman enjoying a liberating moment at the Sudanese Red Sea coast.”
Alex Bond took this picture titled, Escaping Bubbles.

The next theme is “new beginnings”, and the deadline for entries is 21 September 2021.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the website.

You can upload your entries on this page or email them to [email protected]

Terms and conditions apply.

Further details and themes are at: We set the theme, you take the pictures.

All photographs subject to copyright.

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