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Jeff Bridges: Actor says cancer is in remission but ‘Covid kicked my ass’


US actor Jeff Bridges has said his cancer is now in remission, but that Covid “kicked my ass pretty good”.

The 71-year-old Big Lebowski star told fans he spent five weeks in hospital with coronavirus earlier this year.

Posting on his website on Monday, he said he had since been able to walk his daughter Hayley down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding.

Last year, the Oscar-winner revealed he had been diagnosed with lymphoma but said his prognosis was “good”.

“My cancer is in remission,” he wrote this week. “The 9″ x 12” (22.5cm x 30cm) mass has shrunk down to the size of a marble. My Covid is in the rear view mirror.

“Covid kicked my ass pretty good, but I’m double vaccinated and feeling much better now.”

Jeff Bridges won the best actor Oscar for Crazy Heart in 2010

Bridges won an Oscar for best actor for his performance in the 2009 drama Crazy Heart, but he is perhaps best known for his role as the anti-hero The Dude in the Coen brothers’ cult crime comedy bowling film The Big Lebowski.

He expressed gratitude to his medical team for allowing him to walk again without the use of an oxygen device. “It makes a sound like Darth Vader,” he joked.


‘Close to the pearly gates’

The veteran actor also linked to an update he had written in March but decided to hold back until he “got a handle on my Covid”. He said he had been exposed to the virus, which also put his producer wife Susan in hospital for five days, while getting chemotherapy.

“My dance with Covid makes my cancer look like a piece of cake,” he wrote, adding that at one point he felt he was “getting close to the pearly gates.”

“This brush with mortality has given me a true gift: life is brief and beautiful,” he continued. “Love is all around us, and it is always available.”

He confirmed that he is now well enough to work on the upcoming thriller The Old Man.

Bridges stated in 2016 that he was “trying not to act” as much because it required too much commitment.

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