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Itsu increases pay to a minimum of £10.40 an hour


Asian food chain Itsu has announced all in-store workers will get an 11% wage increase from 17 September.

The change will result in higher pay for 1,000 employees across the company’s 72 stores in the United Kingdom.

Many businesses are scrambling to retain employees, with some supermarkets offering recruitment incentives.

Driver wages have been raised at Ocado, Aldi, and Waitrose, and Tesco has offered £1,000 joining bonuses.

The pay increase will bring entry-level pay at the chain up to a minimum of £10.40 per hour.

Itsu founder Julian Metcalfe stated, “Our team members are the heart of our business and the face of our brand for our customers in-store.”

“This announcement will only increase the number of people interested in joining [Itsu],” he added.

Job openings have reached all-time highs across the country as the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Office for National Statistics, healthcare and hospitality have the most job openings.

There are 134,000 vacancies in the hospitality industry, with many businesses reporting that openings are difficult to fill.

Some restaurants are closing on specific days or reducing their hours of operation.

According to industry groups, one in every five workers has left the sector during the pandemic, with Brexit frequently blamed for exacerbating the situation.

In the three months to August, the total number of vacancies surpassed one million for the first time since the Office for National Statistics began keeping such records in 2001.

According to the Confederation of British Industry, a nationwide labour shortage that is affecting supply chains across the country could last up to two years.

The CBI stated that the shortages would harm the UK’s economic recovery and that the government should adopt a more flexible immigration policy to address the issue.


Jab jobs

A Scottish hospitality group came up with a novel way to boost recruitment by providing new applicants with a Covid jab while they applied.

Signature Pubs, which owns 24 venues in Scotland, has stated that it needs to hire approximately 120 people due to nationwide staff shortages.

Many venues, according to Nic Wood, were struggling to keep their doors open.

“There’s definitely a huge shortage of people right now in our industry,” he told BBC Scotland.

“Because venues don’t have as many employees as they used to, they have to pick and choose when they open.”

The Scottish Hospitality Group (SHG) is inviting anyone over the age of 50, with or without experience, to join the industry.

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