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Northampton stab victim’s mum calls for action over knife crime


The mother of a man who died from a single stab wound says there are “more things that we need to do to stop our children from needlessly dying”.

Four people were convicted last week of murdering Christopher Allbury-Burridge, 33, on December 11 in Northampton’s Kingsley neighbourhood.

They were attempting to steal a small number of cannabis plants grown by Mr Allbury-Burridge.

“He was my light and my inspiration,” his mother, Elaine Smith, said.

“I understand he hasn’t been portrayed in the best light because he was illegally growing cannabis, but that doesn’t change the fact he was a kind gentle man,” she added.

“He spent most of his working carer trying to help and educate other people.”

Mr Allbury-Burridge was attacked at his home in Raeburn Road

Speaking to BBC Radio Northampton, Ms Smith said more needed to be done by “parents and communities” to tackle knife crime.

“What I think is ‘why are they carrying knives? Why do they feel so frightened?’

“They say it is for their protection, so we’ve created a society where our kids don’t feel safe and we’ve got to look at the bigger issues.”

Ms Smith continued, saying: “We must band together as a county, as a nation, to stop our children from murdering one another, because if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. People don’t seem to grasp this. ” ” There are a lot more things we need to do to prevent our children from dying in our streets. “It’s appalling.”

Ms Smith stated that the incident had impacted more than just her family.

“Five people’s lives were ruined that night,” she explained. “Christopher, our family, as well as the families of those who did it.”

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