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Taylor Swift Red re-release: ‘It was the soundtrack to my own break-up’


What were you up to nine years ago? That might be a bit of a hard question to answer when it’s often tough to remember what you had for dinner two nights ago.

But it was probably quite simple for Taylor Swift fans, who were listening to her then-new album Red, her first country and pop crossover.

The album has been re-released this week as part of Taylor’s efforts to reclaim ownership of her own music, which she claims was sold without her permission.

Taylor is currently re-recording all six albums she released while signed to her former label Big Machine, which was purchased in 2019 by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

He then sold her masters, the name given to original song recordings, to an investment fund for an estimated $300m (£227m).

And that’s the reason two new versions of Taylor’s albums – Fearless and Red – have been re-recorded and re-released in 2021, so that Taylor has control of where her songs now end up.

She’s hoping fans will stream and buy her new versions in the future, instead of the older ones.

‘A sense of nostalgia’

Josh considers himself a lifelong Swiftie

It means that fans like Josh McLean, 28, will be able to listen to Red with fresh ears and reflect on their lives in 2012.

“I was just starting my second year of university and had just moved out of my parents’ house and into a house with some uni friends,” Josh explains to Radio 1 Newsbeat.

If you’re not a Swiftie fan and need to refresh your memory, this album contains some of her biggest hits, including We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble.

“It was clear that Red was a heartbreak album, and I think at the time, for me, it was also an album that talked about all the emotions I was feeling after a breakup.”

“Knowing that somebody else out there was going through something similar was strangely comforting,” he says.

And it looks like Josh isn’t the only one.

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