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Morocco sex for grades: Hassan I University lecturers in court


Four lecturers at a leading university in Morocco have appeared in court over accusations of offering students better grades in exchange for sex.

The academics have been charged with inciting debauchery, discrimination against women, and violence against women. They have not yet pleaded their case.

This is the latest sexual harassment scandal to rock a Moroccan university.

However, it is uncommon for a case to be heard in court.

The lecturers are from Hassan I University in Settat, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of Casablanca.

A fifth lecturer is facing indecent assault and battery charges.

The storey broke in September after messages allegedly exchanged between lecturers and students were leaked on social media.

According to BBC Arab affairs editor Sebastian Usher, the case has sparked outrage in Morocco, but it is not surprising given a string of similar scandals that have tarnished the reputation of Moroccan universities in recent years.

The current case is unique in that it has been brought to court; most reported incidents, he adds, do not make it that far.

According to rights groups, this is symptomatic of a society in which sexual violence is still prevalent and many women are hesitant to report their experiences due to fears of retaliation or perceived harm to their reputation and that of their family.

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