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Hong Kong quarantines all 100 guests of scandal-hit birthday party


At least 100 people in Hong Kong including top government officials have been sent into quarantine after they were found to have attended a large birthday party.

Carrie Lam, the city’s leader, had expressed “disappointment” about the event, which involved the city’s elite.

Parties like these were not illegal at the time, but the government warned against them and imposed strict regulations.

This week, Hong Kong imposed strict new Covid restrictions.


After a small local outbreak of the Omicron variant was discovered in the city, dining in after 18:00 has been prohibited, and venues such as bars and gyms will be closed.


“We have made a concerted effort to combat the epidemic. As top government officials, we have an extra reason to set a good example and avoid attending private gatherings that could pose a major risk “Ms Lam stated at a previous briefing.


According to local media, the party was held to commemorate the birthday of Witman Hung, a member of China’s top legislative body. According to reports, a woman who attended the party has tested positive for Covid-19.


The party’s guests included Immigration Chief Au Ka-wang and Home Affairs Secretary Caspar Tsui, as well as at least four lawmakers from a group of 90 pro-Beijing candidates elected to the Legislative Council last month.


They will almost certainly all be sent to the contentious Penny’s Bay quarantine facility in Hong Kong.

One pilot who previously spoke to the BBC said being in Penny’s Bay was like being in “solitary confinement” in a cramped room that “got zero sun”.

Though Hong Kong has seen barely any local coronavirus cases in recent months, the city has imposed an extensive testing and quarantine regime, in line with mainland China’s zero Covid policy.


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