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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
In June, an autistic Cambodian teenager was arrested after writing a message on Telegram that allegedly insulted ruling party officials. He has not seen his family since. UN experts...

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Russia responsible for Litvinenko killing – European court

Russia was responsible for the killing of Alexander Litvinenko, the European Court of Human Rights has found. Mr Litvinenko, a former Russian spy who became...

Mundra Port: Nearly three tonnes of heroin seized at Gujarat port

Indian anti-smuggling intelligence officials have seized nearly three tonnes of heroin - reportedly worth around $2.7bn (£1.9bn) - in a major bust at a...

The mother and son who waited 58 years for a hug

Calvin Barrett grew up without his mother but dreamt of one day finding her. How did he manage to track her down, and how...

Climate pledges tough to secure before COP26 summit, PM warns

There is a "six out of 10" chance of getting other countries to sign up to financial and environmental targets ahead of November's key...

Russia shooting: Gunman kills several at Perm University

At least eight people have been killed when a gunman opened fire at a university in the Russian city of Perm, officials say. On Monday...


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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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The big problem of building waste and how to tackle it

If you have been involved in any sort of construction project recently, then you will be familiar with all the complaints about the soaring price of building materials. A surge...

Click News: AI body scanner detects skin cancer

BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best tech news stories of the week including: Apple unveiled new iPhone 13 handsets which come with...

High-speed internet via airborne beams of light

A novel way of delivering high-speed internet via beams of light through the air has successfully transmitted data across the Congo River. It means that...

Mosquitoes ‘vacuumed up’ by breathing traps

More than 300 mosquito-catching machines have been deployed in the French town of Hyères after the insects started to affect tourism. The Qista machines mimic...


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